Quaker Quick Cooking Oatmeal

quaker quick cooking oatmeal

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  • The Oatmeal is a website created in 2009 by Matthew Inman, who lives in Seattle, Washington, United States. The website features comics drawn by Inman, and occasional articles as well. The Oatmeal gets more than four million unique visitors a month.

  • Meal made from ground oats, used in breakfast cereals or other food

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plain old oatmeal

plain old oatmeal

Recipe used: Quick Cooking Oats and Other Rolled (or Flaked) Grains (620)

I could have used the recipe on the Quaker Oats box, but why do that, when I have Madison's?! It couldn't be easier: salt water, boil water, stir in grains, let it sit. Her instructions yielded much soupier oatmeal than I like, though it thickened up nicely in the fridge after a day.



oatmeal is the most dangerous food in the world. if you overcook it by just 10 seconds, it'll explode!

quaker quick cooking oatmeal

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